About Us

Mapra Mangueiras, a company founded in 2003 with 100% Brazilian capital, installed in Ribeirão Pires, São Paulo - Brazil operates in the automotive market with Rubber and Metal Rubber products.

We have highly qualified professionals to meet the global demands, with ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certificates granted and audited by BVQI.


Be distinguished by our Customers and Partners through our participation in developments with innovative and high-impact solutions.


Generate developments, products and market them for the Automotive Industry and the like, supported by the technical and commercial knowledge of our Customers.


Motivate and retain employees qualified to interact with Customers and Suppliers, focused on positive results to distinguish us from our competitors with regard to acting, performance, results, and accountability to the Company and the Environment.

Selo DeB


Laboratório Mapra

We have our own lab, designed to meet the needs of Technical Development of several products.

Our rubber compounds are formulated internally based on the technical specification and application of the part.

We are qualified and certified to perform physical-chemical tests on both raw materials and finished products. Durability tests are also conducted.


Mapra Meio Ambiente Iso 14000

Deeply engaged and committed to improving the environmental performance in relation to its activities and products, it adopts the European Directive 2000/53/EC on the developments and to meet their requirements.

Heavy metals such as Pb, Cr (VI), Dc, Hg are not used in the formulations and/or metal inserts.


Mapra Qualidade Iso 16949

Manufacture and trade rubber and silicon products for the automotive industry. Meeting the expectations of our Customers with profitability, competitiveness and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, meeting the established goals and seeking the participation of our employees through motivational programs.


Mapra Ambiental

We are a company operating in the global market of technical rubber and silicon components, and we must maintain our competitiveness within our field of action, seeking to promote a better environment, aiming at reducing the environmental impacts from our activities and products, promoting the continuous improvement of our environmental performance in order to prevent pollution, and meeting the established objectives and goals.

Comply with the applicable environmental laws and standards, as well as the requirements defined by the company and established environmental commitments.

Social Responsibility

Mapra Responsabilidade Social
  • Hinder child labor and any kind of forced labor, encouraging the same procedure in the suppliers and partners.
  • Ensure a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Respect the rights of employees of associations and unions or representative bodies of their union category.
  • Reject any kind of discrimination.
  • Do not use and do not engage in abusive disciplinary practices, either verbal or physical, for verbal or corporal punishment.
  • Keep the working hours and remuneration compatible with the current legislation.
  • Ensure the communication and involvement of the stakeholders.

Occupational Health and Safety

Mapra Segurança e Saúde Ocupacional

Recognize the Occupational Safety and Health as part of the performance of its business environment.

Seek to obtain high level of performance by meeting legal requirements and through continuous improvement, aiming at stable work activities.

Establish commitment to Occupational Safety and Health and provide appropriate resources for the application of its management.